2015 Donation Campaign: support civil liberties, support La Quadrature!

The Internetz, 12 November 2015 — La Quadrature du Net launched its yearly fundraising campaign. To maintain total independence, La Quadrature calls for supporters willing to help an association fully dedicated to the defense and promotion of civil liberties, to the engagement of citizens in political life, and to the development of a free and open digital society. At the end of a year in which fundamental freedoms in the digital space have been challenged, we need to prepare for the future.

2015 has been a busy year for La Quadrature du Net and thus for rights and freedoms. In France, the fight against surveillance laws has been at the center of our actions since January. In Europe, we have worked for Net neutrality, protection of personal data and copyright reform.

We have also worked towards a major update of our proposals to promote reforms and principles for a balanced vision of the Internet.

We have developed the presence of La Quadrature du Net in several cities in France, encouraging the action of many volunteers and followers of the association. Collaboration with international and French partners (associations, unions and professionals) has been developed too, especially during the heated parliamentary debates about the Surveillance Law.

The year 2014 has ended with a worried call for donations, to which citizens have answered massively, especially by putting in place recurring/monthly donations to La Quadrature du Net. This is how we can remain independent and be able to focus on political struggles and citizen engagement in the defence of fundamental rights. We renew this call, relying on past and present donors to give us the means to pursue our intensive work the upcoming year.

For 2016, the main area work will be:

  • Work on the French Digital Bill that will be discussed early 2016
  • Work on copyright reform at the European level
  • Continue the work on positive proposals
  • Complete the rebuilding of La Quadrature du Net's website to ease its access
  • Continue the development of volunteer initiatives around La Quadrature du Net in France
  • Develop or consolidate participation tools (Memopol, PiPhone, etc…)

This clearly does not exclude other campaigns on laws that are not yet planned.

To secure our projects and campaigns, we urgently need your support! Thanks in advance, and rest assured we work for the greater good.

The Strategic Directions Council and the operational team of La Quadrature du Net

Philippe Aigrain, Benjamin Bayart, Laurent Chemla, Lionel Maurel, Yoann Spicher, Benjamin Sonntag, Félix Tréguer, Jérémie Zimmermann

Adrienne Charmet, Agnès de Cornulier, Christopher Talib, Okhin, Mathieu Labonde, Baptiste Dagneaux et Lori Roussey.

Soutenons La Quadrature du Net !