2016 Support Campaign: thank you!

Paris, 16 January 2017 — 2017 starts well: the yearly annual campaign of La Quadrature du Net gathered 244 191€ of donations on the closing day. We deeply thank all the person that contributed to the continuation of the action of the organisation. Combined with the support of foundation, 88% of the estimated budget of 2017 have been covered among which 77% of individual donations.

As announced at the start of the campaign, 2017 will be a landmark year for rights and freedoms in the digital era. In the European legislative arena, the copyright reform, the ePrivacy directive or the telecom package will be subjects that La Quadrature du Net will closely follow.

In France as well, La Quadrature du Net will continue its trainings, with the famous Quadr'Ateliers. We will give a special attention to the development of tools allowing the involvement of each of us in the legislative procedures and in the public debates.

Togheter, we must seize the public debate to promote liberties, the protection of privacy and culture sharing.

We deeply rejoiced to be able to continue to defend rights and freedoms of all during one more year. Once again: thank you very much!

The Strategic Orientation Council and the staff of La Quadrature du Net

Philippe Aigrain, Benjamin Bayart, Laurent Chemla, Lionel Maurel, Benjamin Sonntag, Yoann Spicher, Félix Tréguer, Jérémie Zimmermann.

Adrienne Charmet, Agnès de Cornulier, Christopher Talib, Okhin, Mathieu Labonde, Baptiste Dagneaux et Léa Caillère Falgueyrac.