Founding Campaign 2017: Thank You, Everyone!

Paris, 19 February 2018 - Although admittedly our annual donation campaign did not reach its goal, thanks to our supporters we have managed to gather enough funding to pursue our work for another year. At the end of January, we had collected 220,758€ from individual donations, reaching 68% of our goal (320,000€). Our total budget for 2018 is estimated at 380,000€ and is presently covered 90% (of which 66% are from individual donations).1Thanks again to everyone who supporting us <3

The adventure goes on and we have a lot on our plate for the coming year: legislative debates, as well as technical, political and even philosophical discussions. The topics will be many but rarely new: surveillance and intelligence, the protection of personal data, freedom of speech, Net Neutrality...
Our next general meeting in early April will be the right time to refine this list and discuss which direction(s) La Quadrature du Net should take in the upcoming months.

In order to stay up to date and relevant at this critical moment in the history of digital technology, La Quadrature du Net needs to remain open and to reorganise, just as stated in the strategic review (in French) we published last November. If we intend to continue our legal work and litigation, we wish in parallel to develop our activities aimed to get as many as possible to take part in these debates. We are also going to rethink our strategical role and our tactics for digital emancipation, in order to help bring together activists from diverse causes and those building the free Internet, its developers, and its users and developers.

As you can see, we will keep on working on the political and legal defense of a free Internet and our fundamental rights in the digital age. And for this we will need, now and always, you and your support.
And we take this moment to remind you that if you decide to support La Quadrature du Net, a small recurring donation is worth more than a one-time donation, even if it's a bit bigger :-)

La Quadrature du Net

  • 1. This figure also includes the unspent part of last year’s individual donations still on hand when the campaign began on 14 November 2017.