ACTA, U.S Democracy and the Global Knowledge Economy

Eddan Katz 1 and Gwen Hinze 2 from the Electronic Frontier Foundation recently published a very insightful essay on the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) in the Yale Law Journal of International Law Online.

They explain the lack of democratic accountability of the ongoing negotiations on ACTA with regards to U.S constitutional law, assimilating the agreement to potential policy laundering. For the authors, the absence of transparency is all the more worrying considering the impact of ACTA on IPR enforcement policies, and therefore civil liberties. The draft Internet chapter would “constrain national legislation governing domestic networks and physical infrastructure. It will also restrict the global flow of information by regulating, and potentially criminalizing, the next generation of innovative network technologies”.

Download the full essay.

  • 1. International Affairs Director, Electronic Frontier Foundation
  • 2. International Policy Director, Electronic Frontier Foundation