ACTA written declaration: 223 signatures to go!

La Quadrature du Net has sent a letter to the Members of the European Parliament who have yet to sign written declaration 12 regarding ACTA, urging them to do so.

Everybody can participate in this ongoing effort. For more details and tips, visit the wiki campaign page.
The number of signatories can be monitored here.

Please sign Written Declaration 12 on ACTA!

Dear Member of the European Parliament,

As many of your colleagues, we encourage you to sign Written Declaration 12 regarding the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) currently under negotiation. After the Parliament's solemn call for transparency in March, a text of the draft ACTA has been published. It confirms the risk to see the most unbalanced copyright, patents and trademark enforcement policies being imposed on the EU and applied internationally.

Through signing the WD12, you have the opportunity to establish clear "red lines" not to be crossed by EU negotiators regarding the very content of the agreement.

ACTA raises important issues such as the right to a fair trial, surveillance of the Internet and liability of Internet Service Providers, but also access to medicines and technologies. Disturbingly, no impact assessment was conducted prior to the negotiations and traditional policy-making arenas like WIPO or WTO have been ignored.

Written Declaration 12 sends a strong message to the negotiators by stating that these issues need to be taken into account, and that democratic processes as well as citizens' rights must be protected.


La Quadrature du Net