Comfia CC OO

Comfia CC OO is a Spanish trade union which operates in financial and insurance sector, and also in ITC, Call centres, and other offices. With more than 100.000 members, it is part of Comisiones Obreras (CC OO), Spanish union confederation.

Since several years ago Comfia CC OO cooperates and promotes campaigns about freedom and rights on the Internet. Comfia CC OO had an active role in some campaigns like european one about Software patents, against criminalisation of P2P, in front of canon (royalties) on digital equipements, and also got a sentence of Spanish Constitutional Court allowing the use of e-mail among workers and their union representatives.

Comfia CC OO has also participated (in cooperation with UNI Global Union in some actions to bridge the digital gap in developing countries, like UNI Perú and Africa E-future (this year, helping to set up websites for 16 African unions).

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