[Computerweekly] European experts divided on success of cyber security

European IT security experts are divided on the success of cyber security, it emerged at the 6th International Forum on Cyber Security in Lille, France. [...]

According to [Jérémie] Zimmermann [co-founder of the Paris-based La Quadrature du Net], one of the main reasons cyber security has failed is that individual users of technology and online services have not been put at the heart of security.

He said trust had been lost because service providers have been abusing user data for their own gain, while governments have invested in mass surveillance and offensive cyber capabilities.

“Revelations that the US National Security Agency (NSA) sabotaged technology by inserting back doors has weakened our relationship with technology,” he said. [...]

Zimmermann used the opportunity to call for free and open technology as the only way forward. “Citizens must take over control of technology, rather than being controlled by it,” he said.