[ComputerWorldUk] The Great IPRED Consultation Fiasco

Last week I made a couple of urgent pleas to readers to complete the major EU IPRED consultation, which was being conducted on the Web. Since I needed to be able to refer to my own answers, I saved these as a draft online so that I could go back to them, polish them, and then submit them. [...] The day after I had spent the best part of an hour filling in the extremely biased questions (about which more below), I went back to my Web tab that had the form. [...]

This flows from the totally biased way the consultation has been framed: it's clearly aimed at holders of intellectual monopolies who want to enforce them more strongly. The idea that the public might have a right to express its views clearly never entered the European Commission's collective head. That the public might - heaven forfend - even be against more punitive punishments for those dreadful "notorious infringers" was clearly inconceivable. [...]