Datalove USBs calling for Copyright Reform for each Member of the EU Parliament

Brussels, 27 November – La Quadrature du Net is distributing to each Member of the European Parliament a “datalove USB drive”, loaded with music, movies and books urging them to adapt copyright to our cultural practices. After the historic victory against ACTA, it is now time to break away from the repressive logic that harms our freedoms and the way we build and share culture, and reform copyright.

Rather than favoring the interests of a few concentrated industries and combating the widespread cultural practices of the digital era, legislators must protect sharing between individuals as well as remixing of works and make these practices legal.

To raise elected representatives' awareness, citizens from all over the world crowd-funded “datalove USB drives” loaded with proposals for a copyright reform and a magnificent library of music, movies and books explaining the problems with the current copyright regime and the urgent need to fix it. The USB drives are currently being distributed to Members of the European Parliament.

“Our culture, built online, is based on the sharing, the remixing and the copy-pasting of cultural works. These practices, inseparable from free speech and democratic participation, must be encouraged by law instead of being fought against. Today's copyright regime differs dangerously from the social and technological realities we live in, at the expense of our fundamental freedoms. It must be reformed. Citizens must urge their representatives to work on these issues” declared Jérémie Zimmermann, co-founder and spokesperson of the citizen organisation La Quadrature du Net.

"Everyone has the right freely to participate in the cultural life of the community, to enjoy the arts and to share in scientific advancement and its benefits." - art.27.1 Universal Declaration of Human Rights


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