[Deutsche Welle] Germany considers two strike online piracy law

A study proposing a two strikes model against Internet piracy in Germany is being welcomed by the Ministry of Economics. The study arrives as others in Europe hesitate to ratify the controversial ACTA treaty. [...]
The German study looked very closely at the French model of Hadopi, the three strikes law that has been in effect there since late 2010.[...]

Jérémie Zimmerman, of the French digital rights organization La Quadrature du Net, contends that a strike system is repressive, no matter the number of warnings, calling it "a slippery slope towards increased control and censorship of online communications," in an e-mail sent to DW.

"'Two strikes' or 'four strikes' - whatever strikes approach can only be the wrong solution to the wrong problem," Zimmerman said. "The only solution to end this stupid 'war against sharing,' that depletes the resources of the state in an attempt to safeguard obsolete business models, would be to move away from the repressive approach." [...]