[EUObserver] Europe winning the battle against online piracy?

EUOBSERVER / CONFERENCE REPORT - The war against online piracy has been a ferocious but as yet almost entirely unsuccessful struggle. It has left both the entertainment industry and the governments that have tried to buttress them bloodied and until recently at a loss as to what to do. [...]

La Quadrature du Net, a France-based group fighting for digital civil liberties, has very much been leading the charge against internet cut-off and other restrictions on online rights. Co-founder Jeremie Zimmerman believes these attempts have got it all wrong.

"This all sounds like trying to empty the sea with a spoon," he said.

"Everyone accuses me of wanting everything for free - free as free beer. But this doesn't exist," he continued, himself the author of a book. "It is just that I don't believe that the only model should be paying for copies. Copying one line one million times is not like stealing copies from shops."

But he does have a solution. He argues for a "creative contribution"