French Data Network

French Data Network (FDN) is a french non-profit organization, which aims at promoting the use and development of the INTERNET and USENET networks. FDN offers multiple services, handled by its members, for its members. FDN doesn't sell services. FDN asks you to participate, and does its best to provide the services you need.

FDN was created on June 2nd 1992, as non-profit association (under french law of july 1901), to offer at lesser cost services that other have been used to since the beginning of the 1980s, as a working tool. It's notable that the web didn't exist, yet, when FDN was founded. With the strongness of being a precursor and its associative structure, FDN continues to be a pioneer in the extent and quality of the Internet services provided, at affordable prices for individuals.

FDN's advantage is the diversity of its members, both composed of Internet old-timers, with a strong technical background, and members interested in a wide range of topics (music, legal, education, graphics, ...). It allows for promoting of a quality Internet service, on a technical level, as for content and respect of its initial ethical choices.

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