Frequently Asked Questions

What are the projects you worry about?

  • The Olivennes bill aimed at building flexible response
  • The proposed extension of the powers of the CSA (french media regulation authority) to Internet
  • The proposed national commission to mark "trusted" online services
  • The draft law on cybercrime
  • The draft decree extending the retention of logs

When will projects that you worry about be adopted?

Consideration of the bill establishing the Olivennes graduated response is scheduled for April / May. It might be considered in an emergency procedure meaning that the parliamentary debate would be reduced to a single reading per chamber. This type of procedure prevents Parliament to work calmly on a subject as complex as the adaption of copyright in the digital era.

The proposed extension of the powers of the CSA Internet and marking of "trusted" sites also must be adopted before the end of the parliamentary session (end of June), respectively during consideration of the draft law on media and Bill on Cybercrime. The marking could be created by decree as has been suggested several times.

One of the stated objectives of this forced march by the Government is that certain measures, including the project Olivennes, to be replicated at European level during the French Presidency, which begins on 1 July.

We are concerned that the emergency measures taken after September 11, 2001 may still be extended at the same time via the draft decree on the retention of connection data which leaked in February.

We also fear that the draft law on cybercrime announced by the Minister of the Interior contains several provisions harming civil liberties.

How can we participate?

By propagating information, alerting your loved ones, colleagues, family, friends, of the existence of our site, by talking about it on your blog, by contacting your MEPs and asking them to contact the french government to ask him to
Some arguments that can be used for inspiration are already available on the site. Others will follow.

We will soon put online a petition to support our requests. Individuals, companies, associations and collective will sign it.

We encourage people (academics, researchers, elected officials, journalists, politicians, ...), companies and associations to contact us already if they wish to support ou actions.

To be informed of our publications and subsequent actions, you can subscribe to the mailing list or RSS feed.