La Quadrature du Net opens to new members

Paris, 12 march 2018 - As announced in November 2017, in the conclusions to the summary of its first ten years [FR], La Quadrature du Net has formally incorporated around thirty of its valued partners as members. Most of them long-term volunteers, these members joined the organisation at the beginning of January 2018, at the invitation of the office and its paid employees.

Founding Campaign 2017: Thank You, Everyone!

Paris, 19 February 2018 - Although admittedly our annual donation campaign did not reach its goal, thanks to our supporters we have managed to gather enough funding to pursue our work for another year. At the end of January, we had collected 220,758€ from individual donations, reaching 68% of our goal (320,000€). Our total budget for 2018 is estimated at 380,000€ and is presently covered 90% (of which 66% are from individual donations).1Thanks again to everyone who supporting us <3

  • 1. This figure also includes the unspent part of last year’s individual donations still on hand when the campaign began on 14 November 2017.

We still need you: La Quadrature du Net extends its support campaign

Paris, 18 December 2017 - La Quadrature du Net decided to extend its yearly support campaign started on November 14th. As a matter of fact, the intended goal of 320 000 euros to pay for the year 2018 is far from being achieved: thus far, we've reached 50% of the funds needed. To help us defending human rights in the digital age, support La Quadrature du Net : donate and share !

La Quadrature du Net is our tool, let's sharpen it!

Paris, 14 November 2017 — At a time when attacks on our rights and freedoms on the Internet come stronger and stronger, and the debates we have to conduct are ever more complex and numerous, we more than ever all need tools to understand, communicate and act on our fundamental rights, a freer Internet, and greater respect for our privacy. We need tools like La Quadrature du Net.

YouTube: invisibilisation to benefit advertizing

LQDN is publishing here an op-ed by Okhin.

Paris, 10 April 2017 — Online video platforms (most notably YouTube and Facebook) have surpassed television in audience count, making these media extremely important in terms of how they represent society. They constitute a place of public expression, run by private companies, which permit many persons, cultures, subcultures, and social groups to exist, to communicate among themselves, and to be seen. Certainly there are initiatives and free alternatives, but none of them can hope to reach the level of presence of these platforms.

2016 Support Campaign: thank you!

Paris, 16 January 2017 — 2017 starts well: the yearly annual campaign of La Quadrature du Net gathered 244 191€ of donations on the closing day. We deeply thank all the person that contributed to the continuation of the action of the organisation. Combined with the support of foundation, 88% of the estimated budget of 2017 have been covered among which 77% of individual donations.

French State of Emergency: same player, play again

Update of 10 January 2017: French Senate adopted the extension as well. The text is available here.

Update of 14 December 2016: French National Assembly adopted yesterday the extension of the state emergency until July 2017. On Thursday 15 December, it is Senate's turn to decide.

Paris, 14 December 2016 — The French National Assembly and Senate are about to extend the state of emergency established in France one year ago, on 13 November 2015, for the fith consecutive time. PM Bernard Cazeneuve's administration is requesting a renewal until 15 July 2017 with no guarantee that this state of emergency will end. France is settling into a permanent state of Human Rights suspension and in limitations of civil liberties that become more difficult to block everyday. La Quadrature du Net is calling on MPs to deny this renewal and return to the Rule of Law and the respect of rights and liberties, in this period of crucial elections.

Open Government in France: an Empty Promise?

Paris, 9 December 2016 — As France is hosting the Open Government Partnership Global Summit, a number of Civil Society Organizations point out the inconsistencies of the French government. Some have decided not to attend.

The report on "open government" in France is co-signed by the following Civil Society Organizations (CSO): ANTICOR, April, BLOOM, DemocracyOS France, Fais ta loi, Framasoft, La Quadrature du Net, Ligue des Droits de l’Homme, Regards Citoyens, République citoyenne, SavoirsCom1.

Again? Op-ed by Philippe Aigrain in the aftermath of the Nice attacks

Paris, 18 July 2016 — La Quadrature du Net publishes an op-ed by Philippe Aigrain co-founder of La Quadrature du Net.

2015 Fundraising campaign: many thanks and see you in 2016! <3

Paris, 22 December 2015 — La Quadrature's fundraising campaign reaches a very successful end: our budget for next year will be covered, and we can even look forward to further strengthening our action!
La Quadrature du Net would like to warmly thank its donors for their support and commits itself to keep fighting for the defence of fundamental rights with passion and intransigence.

2015 Donation Campaign: support civil liberties, support La Quadrature!

The Internetz, 12 November 2015 — La Quadrature du Net launched its yearly fundraising campaign. To maintain total independence, La Quadrature calls for supporters willing to help an association fully dedicated to the defense and promotion of civil liberties, to the engagement of citizens in political life, and to the development of a free and open digital society. At the end of a year in which fundamental freedoms in the digital space have been challenged, we need to prepare for the future.

Letter to MEPs of LIBE Committee: Do Not Jeopardize Our Freedom of Speech!

Paris, 19 October 2015 – On Monday afternoon, members of the European Parliament's LIBE Committee will vote on the Dati report on the “prevention of radicalisation and recruitment of European citizens by terrorist organisations”. This report contains dangerous provisions, which aim to make online platforms and hosts responsible for the distribution of messages glorifying terrorism, creating a high risk of pre-emptive censorship. Such provisions severely threaten European citizens' freedom of speech.

Surveillance: We Must Support Netzpolitik Against the German Government Pressure!

Paris, 15 July 2015 — La Quadrature du Net strongly condemns the attempts to intimidate the German website Netzpolitik, accused of treason by the German court for publishing documents revealing the extension of Internet surveillance by the German secret services. La Quadrature du Net supports the German activists being pressured by the authorities for defending fundamental freedoms.

La Quadrature du Net upgrades to version 2.1

Paris, 21 April 2015 — A significant choice looms ahead of us: will we let establish societies of surveillance and mass suspicion will we build societies of freedom, collaboration and sharing? To face these historical challenges and thanks to the +6 000 supporters who donated in late 2014, La Quadrature du Net is renewing its team and getting stronger.

Newsletter #62

Bonjour à toutes et à tous !
Voici la newsletter numéro 62 de La Quadrature du Net !


L'activité de La Quadrature du Net

Aux côtés des fournisseurs d'accès associatifs de la fédération FFDN, La Quadrature du Net a déposé devant le Conseil d'État un recours contre le décret d'application de la Loi de Programmation Militaire (LPM) sur l'accès administratif aux données de connexion. Ce recours intervient alors que le gouvernement instrumentalise les événements sanglants de janvier dernier pour aggraver les dérives actuelles, avec la présentation prochaine du projet de loi sur le renseignement annoncée pour le 18 mars prochain.

La Quadrature du Net, Pila et de nombreuses autres associations ont appellé le président François Hollande et les élus européens à défendre les lanceurs d'alerte, à définir et protéger le statut de lanceur d'alerte et à assurer les moyens nécessaires à un réel suivi judiciaire des crimes et délits révélés. La directive sur le « secret des affaires » sera débattue au Parlement Européen fin avril 2015, cette directive pourrait rendre la situation des lanceurs d'alerte encore plus difficile en criminalisant l'atteinte au secret des affaires en Europe.

Au niveau européen, le rapport sur la réforme du droit d'auteur de la députée européenne, Julia REDA (Verts/ALE - DE) nourrit des débats vifs entre ayants-droits et partisans d'une réforme de celui-ci. Un autre rapport est examiné par la commission culture et éducation (CULT), celui-ci porte sur le renforcement de la « propriété intellectuelle » et contient de nombreux points inquiétants sur le volet répressif, rappelant des dispositions contestées de l'accord ACTA. Afin de soutenir ce rapport lors des votes en commission du Parlement Européen et lors de la plénière le 20 mai prochain, La Quadrature du Net va lancer une campagne dans quelques jours afin d'appeler les représentants européens à soutenir les initiatives progressistes présentes dans le rapport Reda.

Jérémie Zimmermann, co-fondateur de La Quadrature du Net, a publié une tribune dans le journal berlinois Taz sur l'instrumentalisation de la terreur pour contrôler les communications chiffrées.

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