[InfoSecurity] European Threat to Net Neutrality Getting Closer

[…] On 15 November the European Data Protection Supervisor (EDPS) Peter Hustinx published his Opinion on Neelie Kroes', vice-president of the European Commission and in charge of the Digital Agenda, proposals for harmonizing electronic communications services across Europe. He welcomed the inclusion of a net neutrality principle, but warned that the actual text is devoid of substance because of the almost unlimited right of providers to manage internet traffic. […]

Under Kroes' proposals, and in order to manage their networks, providers will be able to monitor users' internet usage "ranging," explains the European Digital Rights Group (EDRI), "from visits of websites to the receiving of e-mails"; and even, it adds, legitimize "the slowing down of bit rates or the restriction of access to allegedly illegal services and content." Not only is this the clear opposite of net neutrality, says EDRI, it would further be a breach of both the Human Rights Declaration and the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights. […]

Jérémie Zimmermann, spokesperson for La Quadrature, is more blunt. “If the EU Parliament lets Neelie Kroes' text go through without amending its Net neutrality provisions, the only beneficiaries will be the dominant telecom operators, at the expense of freedom of communication online and innovation in the digital economy. From now and until the final vote in plenary sitting, a few months before the European elections, citizens must contact Members of the ITRE committee and all concerned Members of the European Parliament and urge them to guarantee a true and unconditional Net neutrality, only way to guarantee our freedom of communication online.”