IT-Political Association of Denmark

IT-Political Association of Denmark is a danish non-profit organization raising awareness for privacy and free speech in the digital era. It is the home of Polippix project.

The aim of Polippix project is to produce a live CD (and USB memory stick, memory card, etc) with software that users without expertise in IT can use to protect their privacy. Polippix make use of TOR (onion routing), MAC address manipulation, encryption of disks and Twkinkle in order to provide privacy and anonymity for data and voice communications.Because the price of phone calls to PSTN land-lines have dropped dramatically, it is possible to sponsor free phone calls for every user.

The reception of Polippix was overwhelming. 13000 physical CD's were distributed to the members of trade union, PROSA, more than 35000 CD images were downloaded from our homepage and mirrors in a week, after that we lost track of downloads. Polippix have been covered on every major TV- and radio channel and all national newspapers.

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