La Quadrature du Net, Version 2.0

Paris, 10 January 2014 — After almost six years as spokesperson and coordinator of La Quadrature du Net, Jérémie Zimmermann's role will change at the end of January. He will continue to act as part of our Strategic Directions Council1, but will leave his position as coordinator and spokesperson. We thank him for his superhuman efforts, which were rewarded in 2012 by the Electronic Frontier's Pioneer Award, and are happy for him that he will regain time to develop his personal activities. This collective and considered decision was taken in the context of the consolidation of our structure, following our registration as a French association [fr] one year ago. Here is how La Quadrature du Net will reorganise itself.

Due to your continued support La Quadrature du Net's team has grown over the last year to include seven people in the operational team (including three interns) – without counting Jérémie – and six active members in the Strategic Directions Council (which will increase in size in the coming months). Moreover, numerous volunteers are heavily involved in our activities, which allows La Quadrature to function on a daily basis. The change in Jérémie's position will accelerate the establishment of the new organisational structure.

Firstly, La Quadrature is hiring a Campaign Manager [fr]. Their role will be to communicate with decision makers, parliamentarians, other citizen organisations and the wider public on La Quadrature's projects, and to coordinate volunteers involved in these actions. It requires a particular kind of engagement and work style, and Jérémie was until now in the front line of all this, especially on the European level.

Secondly, the management of La Quadrature's public voice, including its interaction with the media, for which Jérémie was solely responsible until now, will become more inclusive. Initiated six months ago, this change is the occasion to make use of the different approaches, styles and points of view represented in our organisation. This shift towards a more collective work dynamic in La Quadrature du Net will ensure our ability to react quickly and in-depth to events and requests, from journalists, politicians, associations or citizens. It is also represent a development opportunity for everyone in our enlarged team.

You can count on us to do the utmost to ensure that this reorganisation makes La Quadrature du Net more efficient in its defence of Internet freedom and its promotion of citizens' ability to act in the digital sphere. And if you have the slightest concern, remember that Jérémie will be right there in the Strategic Directions Council, ready to spur us on. <3

The Administration and the operational team of La Quadrature du Net

  • 1. Strategic Directions Council which in our structure [fr] corresponds to the Board of Directors and which can be extended to include the operational team and participating members