Letter to MEPs: Net Neutrality, Will You Betray Yourselves?

Paris, 26 October 2015 — Tomorrow, MEPs will vote the the Telecom Single Market regulation text. If amendments to ensure Net neutrality are not adopted, then MEPs will have betrayed their own vote of April 2014 and the citizens who elected them.

Dear MEP,

After years of efforts and mobilisation carried out by citizens and some of you in order to obtain a text that would ensure Net Neutrality and a first important breakthrough in April 2014, you will vote tomorrow on the Telecom Single Market regulation. It is a crucial vote that will determine the future Internet we will have in Europe: an accessible Internet of an Internet for the rich.

Amendments have been submitted and must be supported in order to guarantee an Internet that respect freedoms and fundamental rights as well as refusing the discrimination of Internet streams which will keep the benefits of the Internet only for the citizen having the financial means for a prioritised connection.

If, as during the previous vote [fr], most of Conservatives (EPP) will defend Telcos and their interests, but the Socialist group (S&D) and part of the Liberals (ALDE) seem to be ready to betray their vote of April 2014. Again their position will be decisive for the elaboration of the final text: by voting overwhelmingly for Net Neutrality — that is to say by supporting the amendments filing the gaps of the text — the S&D Group and ALDE have the power to save the Internet and show that it does not accept to establish an Internet for the rich and one for the poor.

Freedom of expression, right to information, free competition and innovation, the European Socialists and Liberals who will vote the text without amendments will be the gravediggers of our rights and freedoms! They will show their submission to telecommunications companies and their lack of courage and will give the idea that they only represent EU citizens before upcoming elections.

We count on you to support massively the amendments that are the only one that can safeguard a neutral and non discriminatory Internet in Europe. We are asking you to face your responsibilities tomorrow morning and to respect your commitment to citizens.

La Quadrature du Net