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The Italian parliament rejects a bill that would have imposed strict intellectual property restrictions. Meanwhile, a Berlin-based site called 'Ask the State' helps citizens submit freedom of information requests to the German government. And, Austria scientists pioneer 'blind quantum computing.' And finally, is that Stradivarius violin really worth millions of dollars ?

Italian free speech groups claim victory
During the furor over sweeping anti-piracy bills in the US and Europe, a digital rights saga in Italy has gone largely unnoticed. Free speech groups have led a revolt against the so-called 'Italian SOPA.'

So you've heard of SOPA, an American anti-piracy bill that was met with resounding opposition by websites from around the world. Within the past couple weeks, there have also been similar protests in Poland, Slovenia and Bulgaria against ACTA, a new major international treaty that also aims to stop online piracy. But a similar digital rights saga in Italy has gone largely unnoticed. Last week, Italian free speech and libertarian groups spearheaded a revolt against the so-called "Italian SOPA," a reference to the controversial U.S. anti-piracy bill. The groups claimed the legislation would have dealt a major blow to free speech in Italy and beyond. But since Italian politicians across the political spectrum voted against the amendment, the free speech groups are claiming victory for now. From Milan, Shant Shahrigian reports. [...]