[PolicyReview] French parliament forms a committee on digital affairs

After years of being in reactive mode, the French parliament has just decided to set up a Commission du numérique (Committee on digital affairs). This should help French legislators come up with a set of principles meant to guide future legislation impacting the internet’s use and innovation. The timing of the newly-created multi-party and multi-stakeholder committee says everything on the role this committee will play for the future of French and, to a certain extent, European internet policy.

One year after the Snowden revelations on surveillance, in the midst of the European debate on network neutrality (and the latest net neutrality ruling by the US Communications Commission FCC) and as tens of thousands of requests flood Google in the ‘right to be forgotten’ dossier, the government of Premier Manuel Valls is expected to introduce, in the coming year, a bill on the protection of internet-related rights and freedoms. [...]