Press review about Anti-sharing directive - IPRED

[PuntoInformatico] IPRED, l'appello dei provider all'Europa

L'industria delle telecomunicazioni teme per la revisione della direttiva sull'enforcement della tutela del diritto d'autore. L'adozione di misure tecniche restrittive sarebbe nefasta per le libertà digitali. [...]

[ComputerWorldUk] The Great IPRED Consultation Fiasco

Last week I made a couple of urgent pleas to readers to complete the major EU IPRED consultation, which was being conducted on the Web. Since I needed to be able to refer to my own answers, I saved these as a draft online so that I could go back to them, polish them, and then submit them. [...] The day after I had spent the best part of an hour filling in the extremely biased questions (about which more below), I went back to my Web tab that had the form. [...]

[InfoSecurity] Does ACTA live on in the EC IPRED Directive?

The European Commission has run a public consultation on the enforcement of IPRED – the Intellectual Property Rights Enforcement Directive. The consultation closed on the day before April Fool’s Day – but not everybody is amused. [...]

[BusinessStandard] T S Vishwanath: ACTA as the villain

The plurilateral Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) that has been mired in controversy since its signing in 2010 faces another roadblock with one of its members, the European Union, likely to reject the Agreement. [...]

[Guardian] Acta unlikely to be ratified in Europe, says Kroes

Controversial anti-counterfeiting agreement stalls in face of protests as European commissioner says it is unlikely to pass. [...]

Speaking on Friday, Kroes said that "we are now likely to be in a world without Sopa" – the US's proposed Stop Online Piracy Act – "and Acta." [...]

[Reuters] EU digital chief downbeat about global copyright pact

A European Commission vice president said on Friday a planned global pact to crack down on fake consumer goods and medicines and websites that break copyright laws would probably never come into force, because of strong opposition. [...]

"We are now likely to be in a world without SOPA and without ACTA," Neelie Kroes, the EU's commissioner for technology and telecoms said in a speech to bloggers and web entrepreneurs in Berlin. [...]

[Zeit.De] Filesharing: "Urheberrecht darf im Alltag keine Rolle spielen"

Privates Tauschen freigeben, auf Breitbandanschlüsse eine Gebühr erheben – mit diesen Vorschlägen ließe sich der Streit ums Urheberrecht lösen, glaubt Leonhard Dobusch. […]

[TechDirt] European Commission Blames Social Networks For ACTA Failure; Worried About Its Imminent Directive On Copyright Enforcement

Now that the EU's ratification of ACTA has departed from the original script of everyone just waving it through, the European Commission is clearly trying to come up with Plan B. Some insights into its thinking can be gained from the minutes (pdf) of a recent Commission meeting, pointed out to us by André Rebentisch. [...]

[IpsNews] Could Europe’s Anti-Counterfeiting Pact be a "Pandora’s Box" of Rights Violations?

Foggy details surrounding Europe’s anti-counterfeiting trade agreement (ACTA) have divided pubic opinion, with activists on one end of the spectrum claiming it to be the end of Internet freedom and the generic drug market, while proponents continue to defend the act as a "modest" agreement to protect Europe’s intellectual property. [...]

[StraitsTimes] Committee to study ways to develop Singapore into IP hub

A new steering committee will be convened to study how Singapore can be developed into a hub for intellectual property (IP) […] It will comprise members from both the private and public sectors, […]

[] Italian free speech groups claim victory

During the furor over sweeping anti-piracy bills in the US and Europe, a digital rights saga in Italy has gone largely unnoticed. Free speech groups have led a revolt against the so-called 'Italian SOPA.'

[] Spectrum

The Italian parliament rejects a bill that would have imposed strict intellectual property restrictions. Meanwhile, a Berlin-based site called 'Ask the State' helps citizens submit freedom of information requests to the German government. And, Austria scientists pioneer 'blind quantum computing.' And finally, is that Stradivarius violin really worth millions of dollars ?

Italian free speech groups claim victory

[Deutsche Welle] EU parliamentarians tackle ACTA

The global Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) treaty aims to combat copied products and reduce online piracy. But its fine print remains a source of heated debate. Now the European Parliament wants to have a say. [...]

[Deutsche Welle] Germany considers two strike online piracy law

A study proposing a two strikes model against Internet piracy in Germany is being welcomed by the Ministry of Economics. The study arrives as others in Europe hesitate to ratify the controversial ACTA treaty. [...]
The German study looked very closely at the French model of Hadopi, the three strikes law that has been in effect there since late 2010.[...]