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[Español][Publico] Las críticas al tratado ACTA paralizan su entrada en vigor

La movilización en redes sociales e internet contra el tratado global antipiratería dio ayer sus frutos. La Comisión Europea, que negoció junto a los países de la UE el texto, decidió pedir al Tribunal de Justicia comunitario un estudio sobre su legalidad. [...]

[Español][Publico] La UE exime a las redes sociales de perseguir las descargas ilegales

Las redes sociales no pueden ser también redes policiales. Una sentencia del Tribunal de Justicia de la Unión Europea, publicada ayer, consideró ilegal que grandes webs de internet como Facebook o Twitter instalen sistemas de filtrado para detectar cuáles de sus usuarios utilizan los servicios de la página para intercambiar o difundir material protegido por los derechos de autor. [...]

[Guardian] Acta loses more support in Europe

Support for Acta in Europe is waning as both Bulgaria and the Netherlands refuse to ratify the international anti-piracy agreement.

Bulgaria will not ratify the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement over fears it will curb freedom to download movies and music for free and encourage internet surveillance, economy minister Traicho Traikov said on Tuesday.

[HindustanTimes] Protests erupt against web piracy treaty

Tens of thousands of protesters took part in rallies across Europe on Saturday against an international anti-piracy agreement they fear will curb their freedom to download movies and music for free and encourage Internet surveillance. More than 25,000 demonstrators braved freezing temperatures in German cities to march against the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) [...]

[Digitaljournal] ACTA has a brand-new rapporteur - Internet censorship treaty

After the resignation of Kader Arif as rapporteur of this treaty, the world sighed in relief, thinking this might put the ACTA treaty out of action. […]

According to the Inquirer Mr Martin, the new rapporteur might not agree with Mr Arif, and the internet rights group Laquadrature du Net , said that:

"... he has a track record of serving corporate interests and will have to work hard to convince treaty opponents that he understands the ramifications of ratifying the agreement."

[CroatianTimes] Croatians to protest against ACTA on Saturday

Protests against the controversial anti-piracy laws have been announced for Saturday in the Croatian cities of Zagreb, Rijeka and Osijek.

The protest against the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) will be held simultaneously in the three cities starting at 3pm. […]

MEP David Martin becomes ACTA rapporteur

THE DRACONIAN Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) has another European Parliament rapporteur, after the last one resigned in protest.

Minister of the European Parliament (MEP) David Martin has taken over the job vacated by Kader Arif, the MEP that quit the position because ACTA was written in secrecy and rushed to signing.

"I want to denounce in the strongest possible manner the entire process that led to the signature of this agreement," Arif wrote when he resigned. […]

[Bbc.Co.Uk] BBC News - Acta: Europe braced for protests over anti-piracy treaty

Further protests in opposition to controversial anti-piracy measures have taken place, with another 100 expected to happen in Europe this week. […]

A petition calling for the rejection of the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (Acta) has attracted over 1.75 million signatures. […]

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[Afterdawn] Is ACTA a foregone conclusion or will it meet SOPA's fate?

Is ACTA a foregone conclusion or will it meet SOPA's fate? With all the furor over SOPA and PIPA in recent months, the signing of the ACTA trade agreement last October by the US, Japan, and a handful of other countries has largely been ignored. […]

[Wired] European Commission defends Acta, says it's nothing like Sopa

The European Commission has published a series of statements in support of Acta, highlighting what it claims to be common misconceptions about the treaty. The EC insists that Acta does not restrict freedom of the internet and will not censor or shut down websites. Instead it will target only organised criminals. […]

Despite the Commissions efforts to clear up some of the uncertainty around Acta, online activist group La Quadrature du Net has responded with a post entitled Debunking the EU Commission's Lies About Acta. […]

[TheJournal.Ie] EMI Vice President comes out against SOPA and ACTA

THE VICE PRESIDENT of major record label EMI’s Urban Promotions has come out against bills like SOPA and ACTA, saying that the best way to tackle piracy is not to introduce legislation – but to simply provide better service. [...]

[Yahoo] Bill C-11 could bring SOPA-like online piracy laws to Canada

As the murky status of SOPA and PIPA keeps us in a fog, a Canadian digital policy expert warns us of a clandestine campaign to bring similar online piracy laws north of the border. […]

In a recent post to his personal blog, Geist delves into Bill C-11, a copyright reform legislation that could allow our country to become "a prime target for SOPA-style rules." […]

[PcWorld] SOPA's Big Brother Signed by EU Nations Amid Widespread Protests

The European Union signed up to the controversial Anti Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) on Thursday despite widespread opposition, particularly in Poland, where people took to the streets in protest. [...]

[Forbes] If You Thought SOPA Was Bad, Just Wait Until You Meet ACTA

When sites like Wikipedia and Reddit banded together for a major blackout January 18th, the impact was felt all the way to Washington D.C. The blackout had lawmakers running from the controversial anti-piracy legislation, SOPA and PIPA, which critics said threatened freedom of speech online. [...]