Press review about Anti-sharing directive - IPRED

[ArsTechnica] PIPA support collapses, with 13 new Senators opposed

Members of the Senate are rushing for the exits in the wake of the Internet's unprecedented protest of the Protect IP Act (PIPA). At least 13 members of the upper chamber announced their opposition on Wednesday. In a particularly severe blow for Hollywood, at least five of the newly-opposed Senators were previously co-sponsors of the Protect IP Act. [...]

[ComputerActive] Websites support Wikipedia move during 'blackout Wednesday'

Civil and open rights groups join Wikipedia to highlight problems with US anti-piracy Bills by shutting down their websites for a day [...]

These include the Open Rights Group (ORG), Big Brother Watch and La Quadrature du Net's sites. By restricting access to content on these websites, the groups want to highlight the harm they say would occur to a free internet if SOPA and PIPA are passed into law. [...]

[Computerworlduk] Groups to monitor EU telcos restricting online access

Digital civil liberties groups in Europe have launched an online platform asking citizens to "name and shame" telecommunications companies that impose internet access restrictions.

[Broadbandwatcher.Co.Uk] European activists join forces to keep net neutrality in place

Net neutrality should be here to stay, that’s why it’s a good idea to keep an eye on any violations and report those, thought two civil society groups.

In more detail, La Quadrature du Net (based in France) and Bits of Freedom (in Holland) have put together a website which would serve as a log for absolutely anyone who noticed a violation of the principal of net neutrality and wanted to report it. […]

[Cio.Au] Groups to monitor EU telcos restricting online access

Digital civil liberties groups in Europe have launched an online platform asking citizens to "name and shame" telecommunications companies that impose Internet access restrictions.

[Netzpolitik.Org] Europäische Meldestelle für Netzneutralität:

In dieser Woche haben die beiden Bürgerrechtsorganisationen Bits of Freedom und Quadrature du Net zusammen ein Projekt gestartet, um Verletzungen des Prinzips der Netzneutralität europaweit aufzulisten. Die Plattform ermöglicht es allen Nutzern, als Wächter des Internets Verstöße gegen die Netzneutralität zu melden. […]

[Pcworld] Groups to Monitor EU Telcos Restricting Online Access

Digital civil liberties groups in Europe have launched an online platform asking citizens to "name and shame" telecommunications companies that impose Internet access restrictions.

The aim is to gather information about Internet providers that are "violating ... online freedom" according to advocacy group La Quadrature du Net. Large telecom providers want to "control what you do online," […]

[Ip-watch.Org] EU Extends Copyright Protection From 50 To 70 Years

Over the objections of eight countries, ministers from the European Union on Monday extended copyright protection for performers and record producers from 50 to 70 years. The move brought cheers from the recording industry and copyright royalty collecting societies, but doubts from some governments and jeers from a major consumer group. […]

[Ip-watch.Org] "Washington Declaration" Demands Return Of Public Interest In IP Rights

A new multi-stakeholder declaration demanding that the public interest be returned to intellectual property rights was issued this week and is open for signatures by anyone, already collecting hundreds of supporters. The declaration contains numerous principles and actions, such as restraint in enforcement, open access, and development priorities, that the drafters hope will help change the course of IP policymaking.

[TorrentFreak] ISPs, Academics and Citizens Oppose EU Anti-Piracy Legislation

Today the European Commission published the responses to a public consultation on Europe’s anti-piracy directive IPRED. As expected, there is a huge divide between the copyright holders on the one hand, and Internet providers, academics and citizens on the other. The latter fiercely oppose the draconian measures that IPRED introduces, claiming it threatens basic human rights while stifling innovation.

[Techdirt] Death Of ACTA

As promised in our case study on Dan Bull, he's now released his latest song, entitled Death of ACTA. Better yet, the video was filmed on an actual pirate ship

Oh and by the way the fricking Gallo's support
is made of signatures which have been apparently forged
This shit is sinister, and cannot be allowed to enforce
so tell your ministers and MEPs of how it's been brought about

I'm just a citizen that's teaching you a lesson
for restricting my freedom of expression

[Vpro.Nl] “De three strikes wet is een politieke nachtmerrie”

Woensdag stemde het Europarlement in meerderheid voor het rapport Gallo, een voorstel voor de bescherming van intellectueel eigendom. GroenLinks en D66 reageerden furieus op het rapport, maar zoals VVD’er Toine Manders al opmerkte: het heetste hangijzer staat er niet eens in. Wat de partij van Marielle Gallo echt wil is sinds deze week in Frankrijk van kracht: HADOPI, oftewel three strikes out. Drie keer betrapt worden op illegaal downloaden, en je internet wordt afgesloten.

[EurActiv] Lawmakers in Internet piracy merry-go-round

EU policymaking history is repeating itself as another row erupted in the European Parliament yesterday (22 September) over how to tackle Internet piracy and whether users can be cut off from the Internet for making illegal downloads. EurActiv reports from Strasbourg.

The battle for Hadopi

The main activists in the debate are a group called La Quadrature du Net, a French NGO campaigning for web neutrality, which appears to have convinced MEPs that an anti-piracy law will open the door to Hadopi.

[TheWhir] European Parliament Calls for Action Against Online Piracy in Europe

[...] Members of the European Parliament have recommend the removal of barriers to a single digital market by granting European Union-wide copyright licences for products such as music, books and films.

[T]he phenomenon of on-line piracy has assumed very alarming proportions, particularly for the creative content industries,” notes the report, authored by conservative French MEP Marielle Gallo. [...]

[EuObserver] European Parliament backs controversial anti-piracy report

The European Parliament on Wednesday (22 September) adopted a non-legislative report on enforcement of intellectual property rights, calling for tougher application of intellectual rights and copyright harmonisation at the EU level. Meanwhile, civil liberties activists warn that such moves would undermine fundamental freedoms in the bloc.