Press review about Anti-sharing directive - IPRED

[BoingBoing] Europeans: EU Parliament set to turn absolute Internet policing power over to ISPs and entertainment giants

A resolution of the European Parliament calling for more repression of file sharing will be voted upon on Wednesday. [...] If they succeed, private copyright policing the Net will become the official position of the European Parliament. Our fundamental freedoms are at stake. In just 5 minutes, you can help the European Parliament reject it.

[TheInquirer] MEPs reject Gallo report

The report is due to be voted on in the European Parliament on 22 September, but fortunately MEPs are lighting flaming torches and sharpening pitchforks in preparation, and could run it out of Brussels completely.

[] European Parliament paving way for tougher anti-piracy rules

A vote today (1 June)in the European Parliament has given a boost to a report by a French centre-right MEP seen as a hardline anti-piracy advocate and whose opponents claim will pave the way for draconian policies to stop people from downloading content illegally.

The report, according to its Socialist critics, gives governments a mandate to introduce the highly contested three strikes rule which would cut off an internet users' connection if they are caught making an illegal download three times.