Press review about Net censorship

[TheGlobeandMail] "Difficult issues" remain in Canada-EU trade talks

Several thorny issues are holding up the Canada-Europe free trade agreement, putting at risk the year-end deadline for securing a deal. [...]

The two sides are still at odds over a number of issues, including intellectual protection for drugs, government procurement and foreign investment rules.

But these are not the only sections of the deal, where final language remains elusive. [...]

[NoticiasBR] [Portuguese] Canadá e Europa planejam novo Acta

Canadá e União Europeia podem fazer a retomada da negociação do Canada-EU Trade Agreement (Ceta) que é um acordo econômico entre os dois locais. Este pacto sofreu a acusação de fazer cópias de parte do Acordo Comercial Antifalsificação (Acta), que sofreu protestos em todo o planeta por tentar controlar a internet e teve sua rejeição dada por grande parte do parlamento europeu no mês de julho. [...]

[HuffingtonPost] Michael Geist: Canada - EU Trade Negotiations Clouded by ACTA Concerns

The Canada - EU Trade Agreement negotiations continue this week in Brussels with both parties hoping to wrap up many outstanding issues. According to information provided by Canadian officials at a briefing earlier next month, the plan is to narrow the areas of disagreement to no more than ten issues, with ministers meeting in Europe in November to try to forge an agreement on the contentious areas. [...]

[TechEye] ACTA back from the dead in Europe - Politicians and Big Content repackage controversial bill

It seems that the European Commission believes that its elected politicians and consumer groups are stupid. [...] According to the Human Rights group the EFF, the Canada-European Union and Trade Agreement (CETA) has cut and pasted all the nasty stuff which was in ACTA which managed to get everyone upset. [...]

The Dutch government has stated that it would not accept CETA if the provisions are included.

[InfoJustice] Civil Society Warnings About IPR Provisions in the Canada-EU Trade Agreement

A leaked text of the Canada-Europe Free Trade Agreement, and an email sent from the Secretariat of the Council of the European Union to the Member States and the Commission, are fueling concern about the agreement’s intellectual property provisions. [...]

The La Quadrature du Net has written the EU warning that “such criminal measures, broad and disproportionate, are designed to combat widespread non-market cultural practices and target Internet actors driving innovation and growth.” [...]

[ITworld] US Ambassador hits out at EU telcos' proposals to change rules on voice and data traffic

The US will not support changes to international telecommunications rules proposed by European telcos at a conference in December. [...]

The European Telecommunications Network Operators' Association (ETNO) has proposed changes to the rules in order to make the sending party network pays. [...]

[LaStampa] [IT] Social media e sviluppo umano

Da oggi a venerdì la Social Media Week è a Torino. Ecco i temi della «lectio» d'apertura dell'evento [...]

[IntellectualPropertyWatch] ACTA: Will It Ever Become A Valid International Treaty?

A quiet and little-publicised ratification process might be the last hope for those pushing for international adoption of the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA). But while the Japanese legislature managed to finalise their ratification recently, processes in several ACTA signatory states seem to be stalled. Some may ask whether ACTA will ever become an international treaty. [...]

[Guardian] Tim Berners-Lee: the internet has no off switch

Briton who launched first web page in 1990 reiterates opposition to extending government control of internet. [...]

[Guardian] The fight for control of the internet has become critical

If plans to put cyberspace under a secretive UN agency go through, states' censoring of the web will be globally enshrined [...]

[ZDNet] Let my Wi-Fi go: FCC rules Verizon can't charge for Wi-Fi tethering

In what may prove a landmark ruling, the FCC has stated that Verizon can no longer charge users for using their 4G devices as Wi-Fi hotspots. […]

The bottom line is that you will once more be able to freely share your Verizon 4G broadband connection over Wi-Fi with your other devices and your friends, co-workers, and family's devices. Verizon started closing the doors to tethering in the spring of 2011. Verizon wasn't the only carrier to tax users for using their bandwidth as they saw fit. AT&T had started charging tethering users earlier in 2011. […]

[EuObserver] Commission set for fresh collision course over Acta copy-cat clauses

The European Commission is set for another intellectual property rights clash with MEPs, after leaked documents revealed that proposals from the rejected counterfeit treaty Acta had been included in a draft trade agreement between the EU and Canada. [...]

[France24] Bulgaria formally throws out online piracy pact

Bulgaria's government formally decided Wednesday to end all consultation and ratification procedures on the controversial ACTA pact against online piracy and counterfeiting, its press office said. [...]

Bulgaria was among 22 EU member states to sign the agreement in January aimed at combatting counterfeiting in general and ending online piracy.

[PCWorld] No ISP Police Rule in Canada-EU Trade Agreement Says Spokesman

A European Commission spokesman said on Wednesday that some elements of an E.U.-Canada trade deal that activists claimed infringed digital civil liberties have been removed. [...]

"These negotiations have been going on for more than three years and it is only today following media coverage of the leak that we have any indication about what is in the text. So I want to see proof that these articles have been removed," said Jérémie Zimmermann, co-founder of La Quadrature du Net. [...]

[ComputerWorld] European Commission Covertly Pushing ACTA?

Digital civil liberties groups have said that a trade deal being thrashed out between Europe and Canada is an attempt to introduce the controversial anti-piracy agreement ACTA by the back door. [...]