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[EFF] Is Europe Serious About Reforming Copyright, or Just Greasing the Squeaky Wheel?

Coordinated enforcement of intellectual property (IP) rights—copyright, patents and trade marks—has been an elusive goal for Europe. [...]
Undeterred, the European Commission is trying once again. This time, it is trying to avoid a similarly humiliating defeat in Parliament by focusing on non-legislative strategies. [...]

[EDRi] Neelie Kroes’ campaign to kill net neutrality

[…] Rather than sitting back and waiting for the Council to carry out its work, Vice President of the Commission Neelie Kroes has been working hard to dissuade Council members from supporting net neutrality, something she was not able to stop in the European Parliament despite her (sometimes highly dubious) tactics. […]

[ElDiario][es] Brasil aprueba el Marco Civil de Internet, modelo para la Carta Magna de la Red

El Congreso brasileño aprueba el Marco Civil de Internet, una iniciativa de la sociedad civil que garantiza la neutralidad de la red y el derecho a la privacidad de las comunicaciones, entre otras cosas.

El documento será usado en el vital encuentro internacional Net Mundial de São Paulo, a finales de abril, para intentar construir una Carta Magna que regule Internet globalmente. [...]

[Techdirt] Brazil's 'Marco Civil' Internet Civil Rights Law Finally Passes, With Key Protections Largely Intact

We first wrote about Brazil's 'Marco Civil' back in October 2011, when we described it as a kind of "anti-ACTA". That's because it was designed to protect online rights, not diminish them, and was the product of a democratic and transparent process, not of secret corporate lobbying. [...]

[BoingBoing] EU elections: ask candidates to sign digital rights pledge

Kirsten From Edri writes, "European Digital Rights (EDRi) has launched WePromise.EU to put digital civil rights on the agenda of the European election. The platform is based on a two-sided promise: On the one hand, parliamentary candidates will be able to endorse a ten point 'Charter of Digital Rights' that supports an open digital environment. On the other, citizens across Europe can in turn sign the petition and promise to vote for candidates that have endorsed the Charter." [...]

[IP-Watch] EU Parliament Passes Directive On Collective Rights Management, Pan-EU Licences

With 640 of 680 votes, the European Parliament today passed a new directive on “collective management of copyright and related rights and multi-territorial licensing of rights in musical works for online uses in the internal market.” Rarely before has the usually controversial subject of copyright rallied such broad agreement in Parliament. [...]

[RFI] La Quadrature's reaction to the recommendations of the Lescure Report

Interview of Jérémie Zimmerman, co-founder of La Quadrature du Net, released on 19 May 2013 on RFI about the recommendations of the Lescure Report.

[Blogs.Computerworlduk] Copyright: Finally, the Evidence is Coming

Back in 2011, I noted that one of the most significant achievements of the Hargreaves report was its shockingly revolutionary suggestion that copyright policy should be based on the available evidence, not "lobbynomics". The fact that this even had to be said shows to what depths policy-making had sunk - something clearly demonstrated by the disgraceful Digital Economy Act, or the extension of copyright term for musical performances, both of which were passed despite the evidence, rather than because of it. [...]

[TorrentFreak] File-Sharers Buy 30% More Music Than Non-P2P Peers

One of the most comprehensive studies into media sharing and consumption habits in the United States and Germany reveals that file-sharers buy 30% more music than their non-sharing counterparts. [...]

US P2P users have larger collections than non-P2P users (roughly 37% more). And predictably, most of the difference comes from higher levels of ‘downloading for free’ and ‘copying from friends/family’,” American Assembly’s Joe Karaganis writes.

[TechDirt] European Parliament Committee Calls For Creation Without Copyright To Become EU Policy

The European Union's governmental machine is a complicated beast, with its intertwining of supra-national, national and party-political levels (if you're interested in understanding how it works, the digital rights organization EDRI has put together a useful introduction.) That makes it quite hard to tell what is going on behind the scenes with this new Opinion of the International Trade Committee on a Digital Freedom Strategy in EU Foreign Policy) [...]

[Ip-watch] Divergent Approaches To Copyright Reform Emerge In Europe

Two very different views of copyright reform emerged this week, one from a report commissioned by the UK government, the other from a French citizens’ advocacy group. […]

La Quadrature du Net’s Reasonable Alternative

Now that the European Parliament has rejected the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA), it is time to consider a new copyright regulatory and policy framework suited to the digital era, French advocacy group La Quadrature du Net (LQDN) said in a 31 July paper.

[RussiaToday] ACTA demolished: 'Huge victory for democracy and freedom online'

ACTA’s failure in the European Parliament is a huge victory for democracy and online freedom, Jeremie Zimmermann told RT. [...] Zimmermann insists that copyrights should be adapted to society, but “not the other way around,” and this should be done through democratic processes. [...]

[Wired] Acta officially dead after being rejected by European Parliament

The European Parliament has rejected the controversial Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (Acta) by a vote of 478 to 39, which means that it cannot become law in the EU. This is the first time that the Parliament has exercised its Lisbon Treaty power to reject an international trade agreement. [...]

[Zeit.De] Filesharing: "Urheberrecht darf im Alltag keine Rolle spielen"

Privates Tauschen freigeben, auf Breitbandanschlüsse eine Gebühr erheben – mit diesen Vorschlägen ließe sich der Streit ums Urheberrecht lösen, glaubt Leonhard Dobusch. […]