Press review about Proposals

[Rnw] Loosen up copyright law, says Dutch government

The YouTube generation has gained an ally in the worldwide "copyright wars". The Dutch government wants to change copyright law so new media users can continue to do "creative remixes" of protected content. The Hague will no longer wait for the European Commission to find a compromise.

[TorrentFreak] Canadian Songwriters Want to Legalize File-Sharing

While most of the major entertainment industry companies wage war against BitTorrent sites, the Songwriters Association of Canada prefers to embrace file-sharing. Speaking with TorrentFreak, vice president Jean-Robert Bisaillon says that the Internet has revived the music business. Sharing music is part of people’s nature and the songwriters want to legalize file-sharing, while compensating the artists whose works are shared.

[ArsTechnica] La Taxe Google is back, this time to help French ISPs

"Some well-known services, like Google or Facebook, are ever-growing," Besson complained to his Parliament this month, "without contributing in any way to finance infrastructure or creation."

[boingboing] ASCAP raising money to fight Free Culture

Mike Rugnetta just received a note from the collecting society ASCAP soliciting funds to fight Creative Commons, Public Knowledge, and the EFF. According to ASCAP, these organizations are mobilizing to undermine ASCAP members' copyrights because they want all music to be free. Which, if you know anything about the kind of nuanced reform work these organizations do, is a pretty gross exaggeration. [...]

[boingboing] Humble Indie Bundle hits $1m, goes open-source, gets 4 day extension

There'll be a lot of good, necessary beard-stroking over the next few weeks to figure out exactly what the organizers of the Humble Indie Bundle -- a six-game pay-anything collection that's just managed to top a million dollars in sales in a week -- did right, because it's something that seems it could and should be repeated.