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About La Quadrature du Net:

La Quadrature du Net is a citizen group informing about legislative projects menacing civil liberties as well as economic and social development in the digital age.

La Quadrature du Net informs citizens, organizations, corporations, and public authorities.

It works with everyone to elaborate balanced alternative solutions.

La Quadrature du Net is supported by French, European and International NGOs including the Electronic Frontier Foundation, the Open Society Institute and Privacy International.

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La Quadrature du Net

La Quadrature du Net
La Quadrature du Net

Latest press releases

Date Titre Thèmes
05 Apr 2012 EU Commission Shamelessly Persists In Trying to Delay ACTA Vote Karel De Gucht, ACTA, press release
13 Mar 2012 Don't Let the European Parliament Freeze ACTA! Karel De Gucht, ACTA, press release
12 Mar 2012 EU Regulator Shows Operators Restrict Net Access, Deploy Intrusive Technologies Neelie Kroes, Net neutrality, press release
29 Feb 2012 A Vibrant Political Debate on ACTA Sparks at the EU Parliament Karel De Gucht, ACTA, press release
27 Feb 2012 ACTA Week in the EU Parliament. MEPs Must Act! ACTA, press release
22 Feb 2012 ECJ Referral: No Legal Debate Will Make ACTA Legitimate Karel De Gucht, ACTA, press release
20 Feb 2012 “Green Week”: Ask MEPs to Reject ACTA Back in Their Home Districts! ACTA, press release
16 Feb 2012 Online Copyright: EU Court of Justice Rules Out Private and Automatic Censorship Net filtering, Online Services Directive, press release
11 Feb 2012 Join the Giant Distributed ACTA Protest All Over Europe! ACTA, press release
07 Feb 2012 Will the New ACTA Rapporteur Stand For Citizens Freedoms? ACTA, press release
06 Feb 2012 The EU Commission's Repressive Plans Beyond ACTA Karel De Gucht, Michel Barnier, Neelie Kroes, Viviane Reding, ACTA, IPRED, press release, SOPA
01 Feb 2012 ACTA: Commissioner De Gucht Lies to the EU Parliament Karel De Gucht, ACTA, press release
30 Jan 2012 Debunking the EU Commission's Lies About ACTA Karel De Gucht, ACTA, press release, SOPA
26 Jan 2012 ACTA Signed by the EU. Let's Defeat it Together! ACTA, press release
23 Jan 2012 After SOPA/PIPA in the US, ACTA Makes Its Way to the EU Parliament ACTA, press release, SOPA