Reclaim Control Over Your Data!

Paris, 16 October 2013 – Few days before a crucial vote on the protection of our privacy, citizens supported by La Quadrature du Net start a campaign and information website: This site clearly shows the issues of this Regulation and proposes solutions to allow citizens to reclaim control over their personal data.

Next 21 October, the “Civil Liberties” committee (LIBE) of the European Parliament will vote on the future European Regulation on the protection of our personal data. The outcome of this vote will determine the content of the law protecting the privacy of European citizens against predatory behaviours of the Internet giants and the rise of global surveillance. Few days before this vote, the website aims at clearly explaining the main issues of this Regulation and at proposing tutorials allowing citizens to try to reclaim control over their data by themselves.

La Quadrature du Net invites all citizens which want to take part in the debate to get informed and contact the Members of the “Civil Liberties” (LIBE) Committee and ask them to demand an open debate and the establishment of solid protections of their privacy. To do that, the association provides the PiPhone, a web tool allowing everyone to call MEPs free of charge and make their voices heard.

Act now !