[RussiaToday] ACTA demolished: 'Huge victory for democracy and freedom online'

ACTA’s failure in the European Parliament is a huge victory for democracy and online freedom, Jeremie Zimmermann told RT. [...] Zimmermann insists that copyrights should be adapted to society, but “not the other way around,” and this should be done through democratic processes. [...]

"Well, first of all, this is a huge victory for the citizenship, for democracy and for freedom online. We worked very hard for the last four years to achieve this. The whole citizens of the Internet network, the public global sphere achieved this victory." [...]

"So, when we do file sharing between individuals and not for profits this is beneficial for culture. This practice of file sharing between individuals and not for profit is not only legitimate, but it is beneficial for culture and economy and therefore for the whole society. So, sharing files between individuals not for profit must be made an exception to copyright." [...]