La Quadrature du Net is our tool, let's sharpen it!

Paris, 14 November 2017 — At a time when attacks on our rights and freedoms on the Internet come stronger and stronger, and the debates we have to conduct are ever more complex and numerous, we more than ever all need tools to understand, communicate and act on our fundamental rights, a freer Internet, and greater respect for our privacy. We need tools like La Quadrature du Net.

La Quadrature has remained alive for all these years thanks to those who have always stepped up to support us with their time or donations. Thanks to you, our association can afford a paid staff able to produce and debate powerful critical analyses, to develop democratic tools that enable political action, and to carry out campaigns together with our allies and many activists.

Today we once more need your support to carry on our engagement, to face an ever more difficult political context and to renew ourselves through new ways to act and think.

Support La Quadrature du Net!

It is routine now to ask for your financial support once a year. The calendar goes like this: autumn comes, we turn the clock back, and then comes La Quadrature's campaign for donations :)

So let's keep up our good habits and come together, as we do every year, to take stock of how far we've come and to begin this campaign in good spirits. We will be gathering on November the 14th, at 7:00 PM at La Paillasse in Paris, and everywhere else through streaming.

This campaign will also be an opportunity to have some fun, thanks to a great tool coming straight from the hard work of La Quadrature du Net's contributors.

During this campaign, and in the context of this collective reflection on our actions, La Quadrature will have the pleasure of receiving les Exégètes amateurs for a special session dedicated to the many daring cases they have brought to court.

Likewise, many events will be organized in several cities across France to discuss and share our joint reflection and to further bolster our will to decentralize our actions and discussions.

Finally, our support campaign is also another opportunity for all of us to raise awareness about our causes. We invite everyone to do so using their favourite digital tools, but we will also be inviting you to take this to the streets during a whole week in December with flyers, posters and drawings!

We will keep you informed about the details of all these actions when the time comes.

Whether is it to assess how far we've come, to look to the future, to discuss or to be heard, nothing is possible without collaborative action. And that also goes for financing the toolbox that is La Quadrature, so that it can remain effective in defending our liberties on the Internet. Together we can do what it takes to keep our tools and keep them sharp!

We're counting on you. <3<3

Support La Quadrature du Net!