Musique Libre

The non profit organization Musique libre aims to :

  • support and promote music creation and independent distribution,under free licences system.
  • fight for individual rights management, in front of civil companies, events organisers, labels and distributors.
  • in this new digital era, inform artists and the public about emergent distribution channels and use of musical works. And inform also about the business that is thus generated.


Founded in 1996, April is the main French advocacy association devoted to promote and protect Free/Libre Software.

April, made up of nearly 2 000 members (individuals, companies, and organizations), is a pioneer of Free Software in France. Since 1996, it is a major player in the field of Free Software.


MarsNet is a set of Internet services, provided by and for associations of Marseilles and the surrounding area, managed by AssoDev (Marseille), self-help and support association, for associations in technical partnership with GlobeNet / No-log.

MarsNet offers the following services:

  • Free internet access through modem and email
  • Web hosting (site, mail, lists, ...)
  • Support in the creation of site and specific tools
  • Training and support


Globenet is a non-profit organisation, focusing on freedom of speech and privacy, providing internet services.Globenet was created in February 1995, to further the goals of several groups and NGO interested in internet, the new media and how to use it. Globenet is commited to providing electronic communication not as a source of profits but as an end in itself.

French Data Network

French Data Network (FDN) is a french non-profit organization, which aims at promoting the use and development of the INTERNET and USENET networks. FDN offers multiple services, handled by its members, for its members. FDN doesn't sell services. FDN asks you to participate, and does its best to provide the services you need.

Creative Commons France

The Creative Commons organization was founded in 2001 at the Stanford Law School on the intiative of the professor of law Lawrence Lessig. The organization has released several copyright-licenses known as Creative Commons licenses free of charge to the public.

Big Brother Awards France

Launched by Privacy International in 1998 in London, this ceremony intends to draw public attention to privacy issues and related alarming trends in society, especially in data privacy. The Big Brother Awards are awarded yearly to authorities, companies, organisations, and persons that have been acting particularly and consistently to threaten or violate people's privacy, or disclosed people's personal data to third parties.

Qwartz Electronic Music Awards

To present and make heard the many facets of the contemporary electronic and digital music scene; give people the opportunity to enhance their knowledge of this music and enjoy it to the full; support the creativity and cultural diversity that independent production can ensure : these are the aims of the Qwartz Electronic Music Awards.

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