Spain is the first advice service specialised in liberating all individuals and author/artists from the abuses of the cultural industry trade groups. was born from the idea of channelling the peoples' justified hostility towards official royalty management organisations and other cultural industry groups, such as the SGAE in Spain, and equipping people with the creative and legal skills to finally put an end to the monopoly and non-constitutionality of these groups and their private goals.

Comfia CC OO

Comfia CC OO is a Spanish trade union which operates in financial and insurance sector, and also in ITC, Call centres, and other offices. With more than 100.000 members, it is part of Comisiones Obreras (CC OO), Spanish union confederation.

Asociación de Internautas

Asociación de Internautas has as its primary objectives to defend, inform and educate users and consumers of communications thru telephone and Internet, about their uses of those media as a general right.

In particular, this "Asociación de Internautas" is fighting for a special reduced price of use for Internet connections or any other similar media, actually existing or to be developed and used in the future. They also fight against abuses in communication practices.

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