Telecoms Package: send a postcard to your MEP

Let's show MEPs that debates on early September and vote on end of September are scrutinized by citizens who are concerned by their freedoms on Internet.

During summer, professional lobbies are in holidays too. And they are likely to launch some action in September to introduce amendments that pave the way to the three-strikes approach, or more generally that endangers Net Neutrality.

Citizens can profit of this period from their holidays residence by sending some postcards to MEPs. By this way, citizens' mobilization can take an advantage that could be determinant in September. A MEP who has been nicely warned by a postcard asking him to defend public interest will be more inclined to criticize lobbying in favor of private interests.

More over, by sending a postcard with a nice tone to a MEP is a good introduction. When time comes to write with more details to talk about amendments and vote, the contact will be easier thanks to this introduction.

La Quadrature du Net (Squaring the Net) has prepared the framework and some advices so you can join this action (see link below). Be numerous to write one or many postcards!

Postcard Action