[TorrentFreak] Hollywood Attacks Scholars Who Deny The Evils of Piracy

A common theme is developing. Every time a study attempts to recognize that piracy is not all doom and gloom, industry lobbyists jump in to discredit the research. This happened again this week when the MPAA “debunked” a London School of Economics paper that countered several industry conclusions regarding online piracy. Talking to TorrentFreak, one of the report’s authors says that Hollywood’s response is totally expected and exemplary of the ideological distortion of the file-sharing debate. [...]

The main problem here is that the copyright and file sharing debate is waged in a highly ideological fashion. In other words, the industry is itself guilty of the allegations it fields at us. A closer reading of what we actually say in the reports shows furthermore that the industry has misread what we actually say.” [...]