We Want You to Help La Quadrature du Net!

Paris, 26 June 2014 — La Quadrature du Net is launching a new support campaign to finance its work and campaigns.

Dear friends and supporters of La Quadrature du Net,

Once again, we are calling for your financial support to help La Quadrature du Net do its work. This support is crucial: it is thanks to you that we can strive for:

  • A real protection of Net Neutrality and non-discrimination of data;
  • The protection of privacy against the surveillance of governments and corporations;
  • The adaptation of copyright to current cultural practices and the legalisation of non-commercial sharing of digital works among individuals;
  • Freedom of expression against censorship;
  • The exclusion of clauses that jeopardise our fundamental rights from international agreements (TAFTA, CETA, TISA, ACTA, etc);
  • The involvement of everyone in the democratic life and the public debate;
  • The defense of the Internet that we love and that respects us <3

La Quadrature du Net aims to develop citizen awareness and empowerement. We do not want to be fighting for you from afar but we want to fight all together for all of us by involving you at the heart of our campaigns and projects.

This is why any way you support La Quadrature du Net is essential, whether it's financial, moral, active, volunteer, or on a daily-basis.

That's why we are counting on you and continued support and donations. This past year has shown us that, more than ever, (citizen) mobilisation is crucial to protect and extend our liberties: against the massive and global surveillance carried out without any legal framework revealed by Edward Snowden (in France, the military program law voted in December works towards legalising such surveillance), with crucial stakes in the legal definition of Net neutrality at the European level, against the numerous attempts to extend private censorship, against the dispositions concerning our fundamental rights from international agreements such as TAFTA, CETA and the EU data retention directive, we must be vigilant and work as hard as possible with as many tools and means possible.

We are counting on you to help us keep on working to protect fundamental freedoms on the Internet and to help raise awareness and get those around you to join us.


Philippe Aigrain, Benjamin Bayart, Jean Cattan, Laurent Chemla, Lionel Maurel, Benjamin Sonntag, Félix Tréguer & Jérémie Zimmermann, co-founders and members of the strategic orientation committee, and La Quadrature du Net's daily operational team.