[WeRebuildInterfax] Åsa Torstensson visits Washington DC

To enable US activists to support the arguments and put pressure on the opening up of [the negociation of the ACTA], we are republishing a Communiqué from the Swedish Government, translated by our clusters into English.

The Swedish Minister of Communications, Åsa Torstensson, will be visiting Washington DC between November the 30th and December the 3rd. The purpose of the meeting is to join US Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood in preparation for the climate assembly in Copenhagen, to discuss the importance of a climate treaty and the need for the transport sector to lower emissions.

There has also been a meeting scheduled with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chairman Julius Genachowski. During this meeting Åsa Torstensson will discuss net neutrality and the importance of users enjoying free and open internet access. [...]

Åsa Torstensson will also meet with the president’s advisor Peter Cowhey (Senior Counselor to the US Trade Representative) in order to discuss the new trade agreement known as the “Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement” (ACTA), which is currently being negotiated. Åsa Torstensson will present the opinion that the negotiations process should be opened up, so that interested parties and groups are given the opportunity to submit more detailed opinions about the contents of the negotiations and draft documents.