[Politico] Leaked digital single market’s ‘evidence file’ reveals Commission’s ambitions

Leaked copies of the upcoming Digital Single Market Strategy and its supporting Evidence file show the European Commission is ready to propose vast regulatory reforms that could affect everything from sales taxes and e-privacy to Internet searches and big data. […]

It’s no secret that a wide-scale review of copyright laws is in the works. An internal document drafted in February by the digital economy department reveals that a deal is being sought by the creative industries. The industries would loosen geo-blocking, meaning they would allow more consumers in other countries to buy products or access apps and websites. In exchange, the Commission would more aggressively enforce copyright. […]

Raising some eyebrows is the grouping in the strategy of examples of child abuse imagery and terrorism with copyright-offending material – a new development, and a signal that copyright infringement is about to be taken more seriously. […]

In a dig aimed at the Council, the Commission’s document pointedly identifies their failure to finalize a substantial Telecom Single Market package, known as “Connected Continent”. The inter-service version of the new plan, now circulating, confirms that the Commission is giving up on much of the Connected Continent and, for now, settling for a deal restricted to roaming and net neutrality. […]